Hints and tips

In this section of my web site I am going to give you some tips on what to use, where, when and hopefully how.

My first tip is on the use of what I call “ever wet paint brushes” as there are quite a few manufacturers now producing similar brushes under all sorts of names. However, they are all more or less the same construction. A hollow plastic handle and a nylon brush head.

The hollow handle unscrews and can be filled with water which then passes through the head and continuously wets the nylon brush end. Simple. So simple that they should be in every ones pencil case. I use them when out sketching (if you have never sketched with a brush try it! It is fun). Also I use them when using crayons, watercolour and even acrylics, in the studio or again working outside.

They are the most flexible of tools and when used in conjunction with soluble or aqua graphite pencils (also kept in my pencil case). They are really very effective.

If you are feeling daring you could try them with metallic water based crayons on black paper. I have found them very good when used with inktense crayons. You can paint straight onto canvas with these permanent crayons but that is for my next tips page.

Hope this has wetted your interest as well as your paint brush and remember it is supposed to be fun?


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